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October 2000

Well I'm afraid service has been eratic over the summer to say the least. I can only apologise for the inconvienence and my slow replies to emails and requests relating to the website. I am however pleased and proud to announce the birth of my first child Thomas. The destractions and worry of the summer have all been worth it and hopefully I can get back to my usual tardy rather than non-existant service.

April/May 2000

I have been a bit distracted so not much going on. I owe you guys some recipes and will get to that. Numbers of items in directories are still increasing, there are over 100 businesses alone.

March 2000

Recipes from Cornwall for this month following on from the pasty recipe last year, see the food section for details. Access stats are hitting new heights, on the 30 day average the site is getting 32000 page accesses, 90000 hits, 5300 visitors and 250 megabytes of served data. Keep visiting and tell your friends.

January/February 2000

Not much new in January due to me working out what the UK government were planning as a change in tax status for small knowledge based companies. I rapidly lost the will to live, joined the The Professional Contractors Group and bucked up a bit. See the PCG site for the gory details of this piece of madness. By the time I'd bucked up January was over. Accesses have increased despite my neglect and are now running at 120 to 170 visitors each day. New Recipes thanks to my mum start the run for this year. Directory entries are rapidly heading for 300. Thanks for all your help and patience.

December 1999

Visitors continue to increase. I am pleased to see that the Christmas stuffing recipe is taking a fair number of hits in the run up to the festivities. I am sorry I have not managed to keep up with the recipes but a technical problem in November and beginning of December prevented this. I will make the number up to 48 or 50 for the year. It just remains to thank every one for their support and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

October/November 1999

Additions are continuing as time allows. Visitors have passed the average of 100 per day. Thank you people.

September 1999

Nearly caught up with the recipes ! Entries on the information directories have passed the 180 mark, average visitors in a day is running at 85-90.

August 1999

Holiday season so unfortunately I have not had much time to add to the site. The most notable lapse has been the weekly recipes which will brought back into line by the first half of September. A notable month for many reasons, Cowes Week and the Garlic Festival are the largest events on the Island. There was also the total eclipse of the sun. Even under the clouds in Cornwall, which is where I was, it was impressive watching the shadow race over the country side and plunge the land into darkness for two minutes. If any of my photos come out, or I can get photos of the phases from friends they will appear on this site.

July 1999

A general 10% increase in visitor, hits and page access stats over the last month, thanks folks keep coming back. Slightly behind on the recipes, sorry about that. Hopefully all will be up to date in the first week or so of July. Number of entries in the directories has passed the 150 mark and mail shots continue. A tidy up of the links page will happen at the beginning of this month. A new section Isle of Wight Photo Album is being produced as I seem to have alot of photos that I have trouble finding time to write articles for. I hope you enjoy the new developments.

June 1999

Well things are picking up. There has been over 2,500 visitors in the last month, over 50,000 hits, nearly 20,000 page accesses and a quarter of a giga byte of data served. Thanks to every one and please tell your friends and hopefully the site can become more popular.
The first ***Cooking Feature.*** is finished. A set of recipes for an Indian Night I hope you enjoy them.

May 1999

Data gathering proceeds. We now have over 130 items in the directories.

April 1999

Well the first mile stone is passed. There are over one hundred data items in the directories on this site. As someone forcefully pointed out last month 'nice site, pity most of the indices are empty', there is not as much information as I would like but you need the setup before you can fill it. I'll do my best to fill it with interesting stuff as quickly as possible. If you can stay with me and support the effort while the work is in progress I'd be grateful.
India recipes are the flavour of the month on the food pages with the first feature from the Two Portly Gentlemen arriving soon.
A new links page has been started to provide connections to interesting sites about the Isle of Wight, plus any other sites I feel are worthy of note or tickle my fancy.
Information about which town a data item is in has been added to the directory lists and mail shots for new information continue.

March 1999

Mail shot to tourist attraction and boat businesses. Hopefully links to maps on the Multimap Site will be added to each directory entry so you can get some idea of where things are.

February 1999

Well, I am managing to keep the recipes in the food section flowing at one a week. Please bear with me if they are slightly late some weeks. They are mainly warming meals for this cold season, we are having a quick cold snap here in the UK. I hope you are enjoying the new section and the new look front page and headers which allow easier access to the main sections of the site.

January 1999, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A new Food Section and new Weekly Features to open the year. There will be a new recipe each week.

November/December 1998

More entries arriving, ninety data items on the site now. See the directories for local information. Busy time for the site author and thus a quiet time on the WoW Site.

October 1998

Mail shot to guest houses. Entries coming in from earlier mail shots mean that we have 78 data entries in the directories. First site target of 100 data items is in sight. An attempt has been made to increase exposure on web search engines and free link pages. Thank you Gwynn White for that.

September 1998

Things are moving again. Mail shots to pubs and restaurants.

August 1998

A quiet month, holidays and not much work on the site I am afraid.

July 1998

A mail shot to hotels round the Island has given a database of 50 entries for the accommodation directory. Next planned mail shot is to pubs. Search engine registration proceeding with mixed results.

June 1998

There are now six information directories, shops, pubs, accommodation, food, tourist attractions and businesses. The big job now is to fill them up with data. Registration with search engines is underway.

May 1998

Well just about everything ! The site became visible to the world on 4/5/98 when the pages for the first client Psychological & Therapeutic Services were finished and put up.

Work on the information directories for the Isle of Wight is progressing steadily and Hamiltons, a butcher in Cowes, was the first entry in the shops directory.

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