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Welcome to Web on Wight - The WoW Site

Hopefully this site will grow into a one stop shop for all information about and relating to the Isle of Wight.
See our "What's New" page for the latest developments. The Availability page gives details of any breaks in access to this site.

***** Removal of Directories *****

It has been some time since I have been able to update the information in the directories on this site. As most of the information is now out of date I have decided to remove them. If I have time and resources in the future they may reappear. Thanks to all who used the free service.


Thanks to Simon and David for a fantastic evenings music, and thank you to all who came along and made March 7th such an enjoyable event. Special mention must go to Rob, organiser and sound man, and to the Trinity Theatre team for all their hard work and help. I now have to think of an event to follow this success. Watch this space......

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