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Healthy English Breakfast

Nothing like a cooked breakfast to set you up for the day. If, however, you are trying not to be so portly then although you cannot have the full works you can at least have some of the items without sinning too much. If you want to sin I'll give you the full version at the end.


Cut the tomatoes in half then grill them with the bacon and the sausage. Cut up the mushrooms. Melt the butter in a pan and cook the mushrooms in it. Heat through the beans. Lightly butter the toast. Serve the beans on the toast with the rest of the the breakfast around it.

If you want to have the real thing you can add more bacon, full size sausages and fried eggs. Fry the sausages and bacon if you like. Fry white bread instead of the wholemeal toast. Plenty of salt and pepper on the tomatoes halfway through the grilling time works wonders. You can add local speciality items. Black pudding is a favourite of mine. The best black pudding is reputedly from Lancashire in the north west of England. Try to find a traditional butcher who makes his own, mass produced versions are a poor second. Fry it briefly. In Cornwall, the far south west of England, you can get hogs pudding. It is a pork based sausage which is sliced and fried. A number of butchers in the county make there own. The best I have had is from Bartle's in Redruth.

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