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Beef Pitta

This is a simple and very tasty sandwich. It was inspired by seeing recipes in Austria and one done by the The Two Fat Ladies which involved hollowing out a loaf or french stick and filling the bread with a meaty filling. Those recipes were eaten cold but this one is hot. I have used pitta bread instead of other bread as it makes a nice pocket without having to hollow it out.

Ingredients (For 4 pitta breads).

As with all simple recipes the quality of the ingredients is vital. Mushrooms should be firm and large enough to fit into the pitta bread whole. The slices of beef should be of a similar size to give a layer of beef through out the split pitta bread. Talk to your butcher about the best beef to use. Our butcher usually cuts us slices from a topside roasting joint.

Peel the mushrooms and cook them whole in olive oil and a knob of butter. Chop the onions and fry in olive oil and another knob of butter. These two ingredients take the longest to cook to get them done first.

Heat a griddle pan if you have one, a frying pan if you have not, until it is hot. Add little or no oil. While the griddle pan heats up warm the pitta breads by sprinkling with water an putting in a preheated hot oven for one or two minutes turning once. Take the breads out an cut a thin bit of one long side off, and put it inside the pocket to open it up. In the hot griddle pan flash the beef to your taste. Bear in mind that as the beef is thin, you will have to cook it for a very short time.

Place a slice of beef in each pitta bread, a quarter of the onions and then one of the large mushrooms. The butter/oil from the onions and mushrooms should make a wonderfully moist filling. Add mustard if you like and eat straight away.

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