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Banana Ice Cream

It has been so hot recently that my thoughts have turned to ice cream. This is about the simplest recipe I know for a cool desert.


Puree the banana in a blender or food processor with the lemon juice and the sugar. Add the milk and cream to the machine and pulse the blender a couple of times to mix all the ingredients well. If you have an ice cream maker which will take the volume in the recipe above follow the instructions for your machine. If your machine takes a different volume adjust the amounts of ingredients in proportion to give the right amount.

You do not have to have an ice cream maker. To work without one you need to put the mixture in a container and place it in your freezer. Every 20 minutes or so (this will depend on your freezer) you need to take the container out and give the mixture a thorough stir, making sure you get any frozen bits off the side of the container. Keep doing this until the mixture is getting quite thick. Once at that stage the ice cream can be left in the freezer to complete its freezing.

Serve on its own or with a chocolate or fudge sauce.

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