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Matthew and I have discussed this and the best recipe for hamburgers is so simple it is a bit embarrassing. See below.

(makes 6 - 8 burgers)


The basic plan is to cut the steak into chunks then whizz it in a food processor to produce a fine mince. Remove the meat from the food processor (as always be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp blade) and divide it into six to eight portions depending on how big you want the final burgers to be. Roll each portion into a ball and then pat it flat into a round about half an inch thick. You can now cook these to your taste, medium rare is my preference.

Serve in split sesame seed burger buns. One of the best tips I ever got as far as the buns goes is to toast the inside after you have split them. This stops them becoming soggy when you put your relish or what ever else you like in your completed burger. Put your favourite things in the bun with the burger, lettuce, tomato, various mustards, relishes, pickles etc. I like grainy mustard, mayonnaise, pickled jalepenos chillis and tomato. You could have a fried egg on top of the burger in the bun, or bacon and/or cheese, basically what ever you want.

Your can also add things to meat after you have minced it. You can add crushed pepper, Worcester Sauce, onions, shallots, chillis, a small amount of wine, any herbs and/or spices. As I said in the last recipe just have fun with it.

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