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As I come from Yorkshire this is a sneaky way of getting Yorkshire pudding on the menu list. Visit your local butcher and see what sausages he or she has available. Many establishments make their own now and you can get interesting variations on the humble banger.


Brown the sausages either under the grill or in a pan with a little fat. Prick the skins if you do not like them burst. Preheat the oven to hot (220C). While the sausages are getting their first bit of cooking make the batter by sieving the flour into a bowl, adding the egg and then the milk/water while whisking. You should end up with a smooth liquid. Season with salt and pepper.

Put your beef dripping into a small roasting tin that will hold all the sausages without overcrowding and put it the hot oven for a couple of minutes. You have to cook this recipe in a tin nothing else will do. When the fat is hot in the tin take it out of the oven add the sausages and then pour the batter over them. Try not to let the fat in the tin cool down, it must be hot when the batter hits it. Return to the oven for about 30 minutes. The Yorkshire pudding mixture should have cooked and risen around the sausages and at the edge of the tin.

We eat this with baked beans or make yourself onion gravy to go with it.

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