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Mushroom Bhajee

My attempts at Indian food last year did not include a mushroom bhajee as the experiments I did were not as pleasing as I had hoped. The mushrooms always tasted slightly tough and over cooked. Recently I was looking through Pat Chapman's Curry Bible and found a great idea for cooking mushrooms. The idea is to get the cooking liquer sorted out and then put the mushrooms in for the minimum amount of time to just cook them. As with all things it is simple when someone lets you into the secret. The recipe in the book was for a dry mushroom curry, mine doesn't turn out so dry but is very tasty.


Heat a small amount of oil in a sauce pan and when hot put in the fresh garlic and the bashed cardamoms. Fry without colouring for a minute, stirring all the time. Add the dry ingredients and cook for about a further minute again stirring. Now add just enough water to make a thin paste, bubble the paste for half a minute. Now add the mushrooms. Gently stir the mushrooms around so the slices get a coating of the liquer. Things tend to look unhopeful at this stage as the are alot of mushroom slices and not much liquid. Don't worry. As soon as the mushrooms start to give off some of their juices and just start to look cooked remove from the heat and put into a warm serving dish.

Serve straight away garnished with fresh coriander.

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