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Athol Brose

This is by way of a bit of penance. I used to play alot of rugby and still follow it. If you do too you will have noticed the failure of the England team to win the Grand Slam at Murryfield when an inspired Scottish side beat them. The Scots just wanted the match more. I have played in sides written off, which have produced performances that far outstrip expectations. It's a fantastic feeling to down a side when the odds are against you. It's the best feeling. So a glass raised to the Scots - Well done boys ! Could you just do it to the Welsh or French in future ? To the England side, well you live to fight again. Lessons need to be learnt and I'm sure they will come out of this better, stronger and more determined. Doesn't stop it hurting like hell though.

So a Scottish dessert to mark the occasion.


Put the oats in a bowl and put water over them. Leave for about 30 minutes and then drain the oats and retain the liquor. Squeeze the oats out to make sure you have it all, and discard the oats. Whip the cream to soft peaks and add the oat juice. Add honey and whisky to taste, start with 4 dessert spoons of honey and a double measure of whisky. Chill before serving. If you are feeling posh serve up in individual glasses and garnish with a raspberry.

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