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Submit an entry to the WoW Pub Directory

To submit an entry to the Pub Directory held on the WoW Server please fill in the form below.
Any entries in the form that do not apply can be left blank.
The form will be sent by email for checking and then submitted to the directory. The entry will appear in the directory a couple of days after submission if approved.
At the moment there is no charge for an entry in this directory. There may be a small charge in the future.
Name of pub :
Licensee of pub :
Picture or WOW logo goes here.
Pub description/situation :
You should include a brief sentence or two about the pub. Do not attempt to format the text in this window just type your sentences
Drinks selection :
General selection or specific real ales, wines etc.
Credit cards :
Something like "Major credit cards accepted".
Disabled access :
Any useful information, whether there is level access from street, whether staff are available to help etc.
Parking :
Whether it is available and how many places.
Other information :
Could include any of the following, family room, non-smoking room, garden, food, music, games, accommodation, satellite tv, etc.
These fields will be centred on the directory page.
First line of address :
Second line of address :
Town :
County : This is Isle of Wight
Post code :
Phone :
Fax :
Email :
Hyper link to further information :
URL for a site with further information.

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